Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Felted Pictures


Wendy's Monarch

If you think the season for felting slippers is past and you have a basket full of coloured fleece maybe you would like to try your hand at painting with wool.

You can blend coloured fibres as you might blend paints to create subtle colour variations, as in the background of Wendy's Monarch.  The background is a wet felted base.  But you can also create detail like the lines on the butterflies wings with a bit of needle felting.

Maggie's landscape

Maggie has used a similar technique to produce this lovely landscape with some embellished poppies in the foreground.


The child's blanket shown below began with a lightly wet felted base layer.  Then images were created as "prefelts", very lightly felted pieces that just hold together.  Then the prefelts are laid onto the partly felted base and the combination is carefully felted as one.  The trick is not to over process either the base or the prefelts.

 You can apply this same technique to nuno felting.  Nuno felting introduces a thin open weave material to stabilize the wool felt so that you can create a thin but stable cloth for making garments.  The wool fibres penetrate the silk so it is completely covered by the felted wool.

Pauline's vest

Darrell's embellished garden

In the photo above Darrell has added another element with embellishment to create the flowers in the foreground.  She has also made use of the raw wool fibres that tend to be curly and whispy to create clouds in the background.

Felting Workshop

If any of this interests you, Darrell is giving a workshop that will teach you the basics of wet felting and set you on your way to painting with wool.  You will come home with your own version of a flower garden. Darrell is doing two sessions, Friday April 19th or Saturday April 20th so you have two choices.  For more details go to our web site Qualicum Weavers and Spinners

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