Thursday, February 9, 2023

Too Early for Spring Cleaning

cram & dent exercise

 We've past that depressing period of ever shortening days.   I suspect there is a primitive anxiety buried deep inside us that is relieved when the days gradually become brighter and longer and we know the world will not end and that spring will come.

As that anxiety fades it tends to be replaced by the urge to do something to throw off the darkness and prepare for renewal.  But it is way too early for spring cleaning even here on the wet coast.

So, if the coming of spring is in your heart think of how you can express it in your work.  Put away the dark colours and finish off those "cozy" projects (see Marilynn's mohair and more scarf) and let's literally "lighten up".

mohair-alpaca and more

Check out Sharon's collage of scarves done in lighter colours.  They are light and airy like a spring breeze.  She has used a cram and dent technique.  The simple technique of altering the sett across the warp adds an element of texture to what would other wise be just another plain weave piece.

colour study towels

Cat's head basket

 For some folks looking forward includes learning a new technique.  So our intrepid basket makers added the "cat's head" basket and the garlic basket to their skill set.  Wondering what the "cat's head" refers to?  Well check out the points on the bottom of the basket.  They are shaped like a cat's ears.

garlic basket in progress

Maybe you missed the basket workshop and are looking for something else that is new.  Well, our beginning spinner class is full but there is a waiting list and the longer the list, the more likely it is that we can persuade our spinning guru to hold another class.

Or, if your interest is in weaving check out our "Make Mine a Combo" workshop with Linda Wilson in March.  It will give you a new perspective on how colour and design elements can work together to produce unique pieces.  Check out the side bar under "workshops".

Make Mine a Como