Saturday, April 8, 2023

Colour Isn't Everything

spaced warp scarf

The "little black dress" was once a staple in a modern woman's wardrobe.  Devoid of colour it was the cloth, the styling and tailoring that made it a stand out as a sophisticated classic.

So what happens when we reduce the role of colour in our weaving and instead concentrate on black, white and neutral shades of grey or beige. Without a riot of colours we have to work with structure, pattern and texture.

A combination of black and white can make for a dramatic piece.  The high contrast between black and white accentuates any pattern as shown in the following two pieces.

mat with asymmetric stripes

alternating twill stripes 
 Both weavers have put patterned bands against a black background which makes them stand out.  The one on the left is asymmetrical and the one on the right shows movement in the form of narrow stripes.  Twill lines have been carefully placed to show up on the light stripes.

Neutrals may not be dramatic but they can be quietly sophisticated. The two cowls shown below have textural interest due to combining yarns with different properties.  The yarns are very fine and loosely woven so the pieces are light and drape well.  The result are two very classy and versatile accessories.


distored cloth cowl

cowl in fine threads

pleated scarf in black and white

This piece has a surprise.  The twill pleats give a dark side and a light side.  But when the scarf is stretched both colours show up as alternating dark and light stripes.  The pleating is based on a carefully balanced 3/1 vs 1/3 twill.  Materials, sett  and beat plus the width of the stripes will determine how dramatic the pleating is.

wall hanging

And for the final piece we have a wall hanging in black, grey and white.  This piece makes the most of textured wool yarn that has been spun loosely so that the nature of the fibres is visible.  It was woven on a warp attached to a wooden frame that acts as both the loom and the final frame for the piece.  The luxurious textures invite you to touch it.  Large round white beads provide a contrast to the organic nature of the fibres.

White, black and neutrals can be a challenge but our weavers certainly rose to the challenge with these pieces.