Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Intrepid Beginners


beginner's mug rugs
After a brief hiatus due to Covid our beginner harness loom weaving classes have returned.  We keep the class size small so that each student has their own loom and plenty of one on one instruction.  The beginner program covers the very basics.  

making their first warps

They learn to turn a cone of yarn into an ordered set of threads (the warp) then to dress the loom with that warp.

Once the mystery of tying knots, sleying heddles and rolling on has been demystified they get to stomp on treadles and throw shuttles.

mug rugs

Then the magic happens.  They make cloth, their own unique cloth.  Well, they make mug rugs.  But the size of the piece doesn't matter.  It's the thrill of exploring combinations of yarns and colours to create a fabric that is your personal expression of textile art.  That is why we weave.  Mug rugs can be thick and colourful, subdued with stuble patterning or natural and textured.  

more mug rugs

Our beginner groups have been so keen this year that we offered a beginner level 2 that allows students to build on their knowledge and explore pattern and different designs.  They learned to create more complex warps, work on designs for stripes and even look at different weave structures.
stripes in warp & weft

After the instructional part of the workshop students have time to work on their individual pieces.  Normally there is plenty of time to weave but recently work was interupted by a massive power failure.  Our keen class decided to weave on by the light coming through the doorway and windows and with the help of a useful accessory.  Note the warm clothing.  It was cold as well as dark.

Weaving accessories, head lamp and mitts

twill & waffle weave

But now a different beginner group has taken over the studio.  Knitters!   

beginning to knit

not a mug rug