Monday, January 22, 2018

We're Back

lichens on a fir branch
Winter is still with us.  The rain has settled in for the long term.  Anything stationary is likely to sprout a nice crop of lichens like the branch in the photo.  Lawns may be green but it's moss not grass with mushrooms dotted here an there.

But of course we are artisans so those lichens are the design for a boa and the mushrooms are fodder for the next batch of natural dye.

Our regular guild meetings have resumed at the Qualicum Commons location in the town of Qualicum Beach.  We are still working through the final layout of our space and thanks to a grant from the Regional District of Nanaimo we can afford proper storage for our library, yarn supplies and growing inventory of equipment.  The space is already well used.  Knitting lessons are underway, Beginning Weaving will start this month.  Several workshops and loom projects are in the planning stages and we are even having a garage sale.
yarn challenge and woven ban

At our general meeting we had a chance to see what people have been working on over the past two months. 

The hand spun yarn in the photo was the result of our previous guild challenge.  If you look closely you can see the sequins that have been added during plying.  The yarn was woven into a decorative band that is the design feature on a very special project bag. 

arbutus pillow cover
The design for the pillow cover is based on the colours and texture of an arbutus tree trunk,  The baby blanket is one of a pair made for a granddaughter.  Does she plan on having twins???  Notice the detail of the edging.

baby blanket with edge detail

multi-yarn warp scarf
The lovely scarf in fuchsia started life as a mixed yarn warp
nuno felted wrap


The blue and natural coloured piece may look like a scarf but you might be surprised to learn it is actually a series of scrubbies that will make your pots and pans shine.

The red and purple piece looks other worldly but it is a section of a nuno felted wrap.  Imagine the dramatic entrance you'd make wearing it.

detail of rug
 The final photo shows the detail of an incredibly colourful rug made with scraps of thick yarn.

We will be busy for the rest of January with lessons and preparing for our yarn sale in February. 
 We received a large donation of yarns that is for sale and in addition members will be selling off their excess inventory.  The yarns are suitable for both knitting and weaving and include natural yarns, mixed yarns and synthetics.  The public are invited to the sale at Qualicum Commons on Primrose Street in Qualicum Beach on Saturday February 10th. 

Oh yes and we will spend some time in the studio especially if the rain keeps on falling.