Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking Forward

January!  Mother Nature is napping.  We are too thanks to the long dark nights and the effects of recent festivities.  This is a time for quiet walks in the woods, rejoycing in the past and looking forward.  It is also a time when we tend to turn inward and do some stock taking which often leads to the conclusion that changes could be beneficial or so we think.
The photo of this spinning wheel reminds me that January is both the end and the beginning of a cycle.  We owe it to the Romans for selecting January 1st as the start of the year.  More ancient cultures used the vernal equinox to mark the change.  On January 1st, we are encouraged to look back and forward at the same time like the two headed god Janus.  We are also encouraged to make resolutions for the coming year.  This tradition is thought to have started with the Babylonians.

Many of us openly or secretly make New Year's resolutions.  Usually they involve improving something, improving our health, our finances, our education or just being a better person.  The vast majority of us are never able to keep our resolutions.
I've given up on resolutions for self improvement because, in most cases they are not much fun or I wouldn't need to make a resolution about it and because I've decided to accept my current state as the finished product.  So, I won't be making a resolution to "stop bringing junk home from the beach".

If you feel the need to keep up the tradition of New Year's resolutions consider one related to your particular fiber art and don't forget that it should involve fun.  The list that comes to mind includes
  • Do that major project you've been dreaming about
  • Master that technique you learned at your last workshop
  • Learn a related skill
  • Work with colours you have never tried
  • Finish something you started in 2011
  • Start a fiber art journal
You get the idea.  But wait!  If you want to beat the odds and keep your resolution then consider the following.  You are more likely to be successful if you make the goal specific and if you share the goal with a friend who will support you in achieving the goal.  Talk to your guild members and study group buddies.  They probably have resolutions of their own and they too would like some company on the journey during 2012.

Oh, and I forgot to say that if you didn't get around to making that resolution on January 1st then you might want to consider using the Babylonian calendar.  That will give you a few more months to work on your resolution.

My resolution involves this yardage and card woven band but I am waiting for the vernal equinox to make a specific goal.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

More On Sale

I would not do justice to our members' talents, if I did not allocate a second posting to more photo's from our recent show and sale.  So, I am starting with this little felted figure who is clinging to the side of the shelf among the rugs, runners and bags.  He is half hidden in the second photo, a surprise for the observant!  Who thought you could play "where's waldo" at a fiber art sale?

I just had to include this photo of a red felted vest because of the season and because it goes along with the Xmas tree and santas in the following picture.  The vest is one of the many items of clothing that were on display at the sale.  If you are wondering about the items on the white shelf then check the close up photo below.  They are baskets made from bull kelp.  What else would you expect if you shop in an area called "Oceanside".

We had a good selection of accessories including felted hats, toques made from handspun yarn and scarves of all styles and colours.

The spinners in the guild showed off their craft in both handspun yarn and in finished items.  And for those shoppers that wanted a little something to set off that special gift we had a variety of small items like the every popular lavender sachets. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Annual Show and Sale November 2011

Our annual show and sale is the highlight of our fall activities.  It involves a huge effort on the part of the entire membership.  Even those that don't put items in the sale pitch in to help make it a success.  It is our major fund raising event as commission from the sale goes towards guild activities and our resource centre. 
The sale is always full of surprises.  It leaves me amazed at the ingenuity of our members.  Every year they come up with something new and unique like these needle felted Santa's.  So, even if you have been to our show in the past you will always find something you haven't seen before.

This year we were blessed with a sunny morning to do our set up at Rotary House in Qualicum Beach.  While the exterior of the building is being dressed with Xmas lights organized chaos is happening inside the building as we rush to get everything in place before the doors open. 
There are totes full of everything from hedgehogs to tea cozies to unload while tables need to be dressed, Xmas trees need to be set up and shelves assembled. 

Our guild members have been very productive this year.  I believe it has something to do with the study groups and educational activites over the past year.  They encourage members to turn their new knowledge into a creative pieces of work.  The "dressing team" have the challenge of taking all those inspired items and organizing them so that they complement each other.  They never know what they have to deal with until the containers are opened.

In spite of all of our planning and worrying we had everything in place when the doors opened at 11:00.
So, after a mad rush, the spinning wheels started to do their magic and calm spread over the hall for a short time.  Then the serious shoppers arrived and we all welcomed them with open arms.