Monday, February 1, 2016

Getting an early start for ANWG

starting on the ribbons
The Qualicum Weavers and Spinners guild is a member of the Association of North West Weaving Guilds (ANWG).  We are excited that the association conference will be in Victoria in 2017.  The dates for the conference are June 28 to July 2, 2017.
Now that may seem like a long way off but work on the conference is gearing up and as we all know time speeds up if there is a deadline.  For more details go to the following

 Our guild is helping to weave the prize ribbons.  You can see the beginning of one set of ribbons in the picture to the right.  Other guilds are weaving more ribbons,and name bags.  If you are lucky enough to come home with a ribbon it might have been made by one of our members.  If you attend the conference you are certain to go home with a lovely and quite useful name bag.

Our guild members are starting to think about weaving something for the conference.  There are lots of opportunities.  You can do something special for the fashion show, juried show or the open show or your guild booth.  There is also talk of a tea towel exchange.  Oh my do weavers love tea towels!  The conference is going to be the focus of our projects over the next year.

warp for ribbons

The colour study group is looking into the "conference colours" and members are working on designs using the conference colours as a palette.  Working outside your normal palette is a challenge that can expand your ideas of colour in weaving.
The warp for the ribbons includes a selection of the conference colours.  The warp is cotton from Maurice Brassard in Quebec but there are many other sources.  You will find the full range of conference colours at the conference web site.

Our guild is in the process of applying for booth space.  That will inspire another group project.  What will be our theme and how will it link to the conference theme  "Treadle Lightly"??  The guild booths at previous conferences were very well presented.  It will be a challenge to meet their standard.
Our studio looms are being set up for tea towels so members will have lots to exchange.
guild booth ANWG

The More Than Four group are working on the subject Inlay Techniques but members have challenged each other to plan a project that could be submitted to one of the shows or put in the guild booth.
But perhaps the most important project is something to wear to the conference.  It is always great fun to people watch at these functions, or more accurately to check out their clothing.  And of course if you created that artsy top that you just never get to wear this is the place to show it off.  Whether you are scanning the crowd in the exhibition hall or watching the women (and men) at the conference banquet you'll see awesome wearable art.

But time flies so don't procrastinate.  Start your planning now after all you may need several outfits, something for the booth and something for one of the shows.  Don't forget the tea towels!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Starting the New Year

January.  The chairs are gone and the beach is deserted except for storm watchers.  Time to head to the studio and plan our next project.
January is a month of expectations and looking ahead.  The rush to finish items for guild sales and Christmas presents is over.  You can relax and let your creative force wander somewhat aimlessly without guilt.
January is the perfect time to surround yourself with the yarns or fibers in your stash and ask them what they want to be.  They may respond in a different way if you were recently given a new tool, book or exotic material.

  If we are looking for fresh ideas this January we might want to check some older ideas.  Simple clothing has been very popular this fall, just as it was in the 1980's.  While the designs are similar the materials are quite different.  The photo at the right  shows a simple top from the "chenille" period.  It is a rectangle with a neck slit.  The selvedges are joined near the ends of the cloth.  It could easily be reinterpreted with a light weight fabric with good drape or as a knitted piece.  This top drew a lot of attention at our guild meeting during the show and tell session.

section of guild library
If cold rain gets you down then try checking out a good book from the library.  Our guild library is a great resource for members.  Many of the books are out of print and very difficult to find.  Of course, you already know there are numerous on-line sites to visit.
For a new perspective look at publications designed for other fiber arts.  The motifs in the needle work photo could easily be translated into knitting or weaving.  The artisan who created the piece is accomplished at all 3.

double size quilt

You might also want to take some time to visit an exhibit.  The photo above is from an exhibition of quilts that took place in Oceanside.  This piece is a riot of colour with rectangular frames around different quilting motifs.  What a lovely sampler.

The guild is taking a short break over the holidays but we will be meeting again the fourth Monday in January.  Our study groups, More Than Four, Fun With Four and the Colour Study group will also be meeting in January.  Check the Guild Events list for times and places.