Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Volunteers Make It Happen

garage sale line up
June was a busy month for guild members with the association of north west weaving guild's convention in Prince George on top of our regular meetings, projects and educational events.  Then to cap off the month we held our gigantic garage sale.  Take a peak at a small section of the goods ready for sale.

The garage sale was a great success and the money we raised will help support the costs of operating our studio and maintaining our equipment and educational efforts.

Members owe a great deal of thanks to the people who put together the garage sale.  Over several months they collected goods for the sale and in a flurry of activity just preceding the sale they transported, organized, priced and re-transported many truck loads of sale items.  We need to thank our president for bravely offering her home as the sale location, and to our sales team for their success at helping customers find a treasure to take home.  But most of all we need to thank Jude (& Paul) for spearheading this project.

Our studio was a storage locker for part of June but we still managed to set up the studio looms for hand towel and tea towel projects.  The looms are barely stripped for one project like the Brant towels before a new warp appears.  While weavers are finishing off the current warps the committee is already in the planning stages for the next project.

tea towel project

lecture on dyes

Shortly after we cleared out the garage sale items the guild made a large purchase of yarns and equipment and once again our studio reverted to a storage shed.  But we managed to clear just enough space to hold the final lecture in the ANWG series mentioned in a previous post.

sorting yarns

Once again those volunteers who honed their skills through the garage sale are back again, transporting, sorting and pricing items that will be sold to raise funds for the guild.  They are planning a yarn sale for members but there will be more to come.  If you are interested in weaving and spinning equipment check back in August.
and yet more yarn to sort

And that brings me to the point of this post.  Every organization depends upon member volunteers to make things happen.  It also seems that in every organization a core of people tend to be more active members and it usually falls to them to be the organizers and the doers. But there are limits to their time and energy.  If you want a guild that is alive and well with interesting programs and events then don't be a passive member.  Don't be the person who makes suggestions for others to carry out.  Volunteer and be willing to take charge of a something you believe in.  Help make your guild vibrant and interesting.


Friday, May 31, 2019

Community Spirit and Garage Sales

cheer leader 
Our members live in a collection of small to medium sized communities that populate the mid section of Vancouver Island.  These communities have distinct personalities which they celebrate at community events.  Family Day in Qualicum Beach is one of those events.  It brings together a mix of community groups from tap dancers to weavers and spinners.  Rain or shine our guild has taken part in Family Day for many years.  This year it was sunny.  Our cheer leader is showing her appreciation.

 We love this event and the enthusiastic group of families that always show up.  It is delightful to watch the children most of whom are shy at first and a bit reluctant to try anything.  With a bit of encouragement they soon become fascinated with the process of making yarn or cloth.

our booth is always a busy place
Events like this are a great way to help keep the crafts alive, to build an appreciation of the "made by hand" label and to introduce people to a satisfying past time.


Our next "public" event is a new for us but not for most people.  We are having a garage/yard sale!  A gigantic sale too big to fit in the garage alone.  This is a fund raiser to help finance our educational programs and resource centre.    Members have been purging their homes for the last month and as a result we will have truck loads of stuff to sell and I am not kidding.  There will be collectables, house hold and garden items, tools, furniture, children's items and so much more.

You can help us to simplify our lives while recycling for the good of the planet and even find yourself a bargain by coming.  That gives you three reasons to be there, so copy the following information.

Date:  Saturday, June 22nd
Time:  8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Location:  238 4th Avenue West, (corner of Jones & 4th Avenue) in Qualicum Beach