Sunday, November 26, 2017

After the Sale

the set up crew
We've survived yet another version of Elegant Threads, our annual show and sale.  This event is our biggest production of the year.  Pictured to the left is the set up crew but they are only a handful of the people involved in Elegant Threads.  The entire guild is involved in some role, whether it is promotion, working the cash desk, dealing with money matters or transporting props.  And that doesn't even count all the guild members who have been busy, spinning, knitting, felting and weaving so that we have something to sell.

This year we moved into the modern world and set up a credit card reader.  After a minor panic with the first sale we conquered the technology and it was a smooth operation.  The initial line up was both frightening (pressure to get the reader working) and a delight (so many buyers).

happy shopper
Every artisan loves it when someone acknowledges their work with a sale.  Your friends may rave over your work but it is the stranger who is willing to part with cash to own your work that encourages you the most.

tea towels

Our members were very busy this year and as a result we had twice the stock of previous sales so the set up crew had to rethink the display.  New members added a different variety of items and styles.  Even regular shoppers had something new to see.

felted baby booties

shawls on spiral rack
There was a good mix of knitted, felted and woven items.  The knitted items include at least 50% hand spun yarn which is also often hand dyed.  This makes the knitted items unique and hand crafted in more ways than one.
wet felted container

3 in 1 scarf
Some of the more unusual items included this wet felted container made from hand dyed fleece.  The knitter of the 3 in one scarf shared the same colour pattern with the felter.  Maybe they had the same inspirational source.

hand spun yarn

Hand spun yarn has become very popular and our sales are the place to find a good selection.   
rep weave mats

sweater of hand spun yarn

In addition to the items for sale we had a silent auction table for those who like a bit of competition and love a bargain.  The proceeds from the silent auction went to the guild and will help cover our operating costs.  With the move to our new location we will be facing a significant rent expense.  The auction table was very popular.  In the last hour of the sale people began circling the area to check on the status of their bid.  Some came away happy and so did the guild treasurer.  Thanks to everyone who donated items to the auction.
silent auction Santa


We are home resting now.  A pot luck lunch will be held in December instead of a meeting.  General meetings will resume the fourth Monday in January (the 22nd).  General meetings are held at Qualicum Commons in the town of Qualicum Beach.  Guests are always welcome to attend. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Looming Deadlines

shoppers at Elegant Threads past
The dates for our annual guild sale., Elegant  Threads, are November 24 and 25 which means the deadline for finishing projects is highly visible on the calendar.  It glares out from the page and says "you should have started sooner" or " you shouldn't have made it so complicated".

The sale committee has been meeting for quite some time.  They seem immune to the deadline terrors. 
bolero jacket in honeycomb

 The sale has grown steadily.  We have seen an increase in members and in member activity.  Skilled artisans have joined the group and brought with them expertise in many aspects of fibre arts.  As a result there has been an increase in the variety and quality of items in the guild show.  The sale committee is planning some display changes to help shoppers located the items and information they are looking for.  They are also looking to improve the check out process including a reader for credit cards so if you see something you must have and don't have the cash you won't have to pass it by.

Scarf in hand spun yarn

There will be a silent auction at the sale so if you like a bargain and a little competition this could be for you.  All of the items in the auction have been donated and the proceeds will go to the guild.

Also look for the door prize draw.  You might be the lucky one to take it home.

yarn from previous silent auction

In addition to getting ready for the sale we have been doing some fund raising with sales and raffles. We'd like to thank Deez Restaurant in Qualicum Beach for hosting the raffle and Quality Foods for providing supplies.

We hope to see you at Rotary House in Qualicum Beach next weekend, (24th and 25th of November).  Rotary House is located at the corner of Beach and Fern and is a short walk from the Qualicum Civic Centre where the Winterfest Craft Fair will be taking place.  Winterfest is a local event that features a wide variety of quality items and a relaxed atmosphere.

Other events in Qualicum Beach that weekend include a tea at The Old School House Gallery and The Quilters' Sale at St. Stephens church.

See "links of interest" on the right side of the blog to find a map to Rotary House and information on Winterfest.