Sunday, December 18, 2022

Closing out the year

Christmas lights

 We have moved into that time of year when getting ready for family visits and celebrations is at the top of the "to do" list.  

hand kit toque

If you happened to have done your Christmas shopping at our sale, Elegant Threads, then maybe you are busy wrapping up this lovely toque.  If not you might be busy finishing off a special project of your own.  Hopefully you are not still wondering what to give that special person who needs nothing.   

There is something special about hand made gifts especially if the giver is also the maker.  The gift becomes more than a "thing" because it has a bit of the maker in it.  Every artisan puts their vision, their love of craft, their style or even their sense of humour into the pieces they produce.


Here is to the season or red and green! It is a time to use up all that red yarn you've been accumulating or to explore one of best known complementary colour schemes.  Seems our group had a lot more red yarn than green.

tea towel gradient

plaid blanket
red and white cowl


mug rug

We can work in different colours and if you love to decorate a seasonal tree with funky baubles take a look at these colourful dryer balls.  They do double duty as unbreakable tree ornaments that are very kid friendly.

felted dryer balls/tree ornaments

gift basket
And finally, we like to give presents too.  Here is a photo of one of the gift baskets we've put together for our dear neighbour, The Qualicum Beach School of Dance.  We love them all from the tiny tots to the budding beauties.  We wish them all the best for their upcoming concert and fund raiser at the Qualicum Beach Civic Centre.

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