Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shared Inspiration From Retreat

display table
People attending our recent retreat said that one of the most enjoyable aspects of the event was the sharing of ideas through events such as show and tell, the bag exchange and the fashion show.  So, in that spirit what follows are some photos of the show & tell session. 
interpretation of Saskatchewan tartan
skirt of handspun yarn
Heather's scarf
Here we have some of the participants describing their pieces.  Too bad that there is no audio track to accompany the photo's as some of the stories behind the pieces were as interesting as the pieces themselves.  Maybe next time I will take a video and post that.

cat & dog bags

Anita's summer&winter bag
doubleweave table linens
The variety of items was quite amazing.  Many featured handspun yarns. Some of the yarns included unusual fibers as illustrated by the cat and dog bags.  I've heard of people spinning dog hair, but cat hair is a new idea to me.  The lining in the bags had the species appropriate decorations.
The woven pieces included scarves, table linens, and bags.
12 harness pattern in black & silver

  This beautiful top knitted from handspun yarn included an unusual ceramic pin.  the colours in the pin reflect the colour in the top.

This friendship blanket is unique in that is was a group effort with individuals contributing knitted squares which were joined to make the blanket.


  1. The retreat was a wonderful time!

    Further pictures can be viewed at:


    If this link is not 'live' then do a cut and paste and drop into the browser bar.

    All the best, Susan Harvey

  2. Thanks Susan for the pictures as I was unable to go but my Aunt and cousin were there! thanks again.